Friday, April 17, 2009

HOPE and being HAPPY

This is my first real post. Thanks to Katie and Mandy for helping me get this thing set up (and thanks in advance for the continued help as I plan on bringing my computer next Thursday). :)Anyway, as I am called "The Bright Side," I will do my very best to hold to my name. Because I like being happy. And I looking at the bright side of things. Sometimes its hard. Sometimes, actually, it is almost impossible. But, it always is possible and that is because of something huge. Its called HOPE. And my hope is from Jesus Christ. It cant get any better than that.

I LOVE this: "And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My HOPE is in YOU." ~Ps. 39:7

Things that made me very happy in the past two days:
1. Its been absolutely beautiful outside.
2. I work with the most adorable kids ever.
3. I went running for as long as a 5k, for which I need to be ready.
4. I got a really sweet message back from a girl I coach, whom I wanted to encourage (and she ended up encouraging me as well. Amazing how that works out.)
5. I found a four leaf clover! Seriously, it made me so happy! Its the first one I have found, something I have always wanted to find, so...yay! :)
6. Tie-dye. It always makes me happy.
7. Its beyond hilarious!