Monday, May 11, 2009

Spain, we will meet again!!!

So, great news to the few who read this: I have a plan!

What??? Kristin has a plan??? No way!

Yep, its true. I know the basics of what my next two years will hold. This year, I will keep doing what I do with my crazy fun busy life as well as raising prayer/financial support. Then, the plan is to leave for Spain June 2010 for a 10 month to a year long apprenticeship in Spain! Leaving June makes me happy because there are a lot of people I love and have developed strong relationships with here that will all be graduating high school next year.

This apprenticeship is SO perfect for me because I was pretty much freaking out over going there for the long haul as a single missionary without knowing what I would be doing or if I would even be any use there. So, this plan for an apprenticeship came up where I would live their for about a year (similar to what I did in Peru after high school), take language classes, observe the ministry, get involved where I can, build relationships with the Team in Spain as well as with Spaniards, and be mentored by the missionaries there during that time. After that time, I can either make my big long term commitment or see that God wants me somewhere else. So...YAY for less pressure!!!

I am hoping that I will stay in Caceres, Spain so I am including pics of that beautiful city (to make you all want to come visit me!) :)


Katie said...

I'll be visiting you for sure!!! So happy to hear that everything has worked out so wonderfully.

Mandy said...

Yeah for a plan! I know you must be relieved to have more of an idea of what will be going on.

Regina said...

That's great news Kristin!


That's awesome! Your plan sounds great and I am really excited for you!
And I will definitely be visiting you as well :)

tori said...

Yeah for a post about Spain!!!

Heather Arney said...

Awesome!! I'm so excited for you, and it's good to hear what the plan is. :)