Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, I discovered this website that tells you, statistically, when you are going to die. Of course, accidents and all that dont account for it. It just asks a couple lifestyle questions. So...yes, I am an optimistic person. I gave my BMI. I am a female. And I do not smoke.

Now mind you, I dont want to live into an old age where I am helpless and unable to do things I really want to do. Like play soccer or travel the world. So, I decided that I want to die at a good healthy 65-70. Seventy is actually pushing it. So, when I got my death date as February 8 (which is my dads birthday, but the year indicates that he will no longer be around), 2072. WHAT???? Seriously. Thats almost 90. So, a little later I do it again, just to make sure, and it adds a whole year: March 15, 2073. That IS 90. So, I decided to not look again in case they keep wanting to add more years to my already old life.

So, I decided to embrace this knowledge that I may live way to long, by being as adventurous and reckless as I can. At least I can now and when I am too old to be (if I do actually make it with my being reckless), I will be able to talk about the "good old days." Rest assured though, dear friends. I will not try to shorten my life in any way by, lets just say, smoking. Eww and Yuck. Besides, this tshirt puts it so well:

NOTE: This was all written in my head before I was convinced of something: That I dont mind living until I am 90 if I can actually LIVE and not be fighting every disease that old age brings. If I can still function and enjoy life, then bring it on. :)


Katie said...

You seriously crack me up!!! Who in the world (besides you of course) is upset that they'll live to be old?! Besides, my granpa is over 90 and still awesome!

And as an FYI... that site says I'm living to be 78. Darn bakery that is hanging out around my middle is to blame for that!

marie said...

I'm going to live until I'm 93 years old ~ I need to save up more $$ for retirement.

CBC said...

"Never regret growing old. It is a privilege denied to many."

First thing that came to mind.

Im going to have to tell you about Grandpa Gaultney sometime. 76 and just bought a new chainsaw to take down some trees on his farm. He showed me the proper and safe way to fell a tree. He is the Man.

Mandy said...

I'm glad to see your update about being okay with being old as long as you were still functioning well (this coming from the girl who just mourned turning 26). Anyway, I'm going to live until I'm 96. Talk about old!

Jenn Duckie said...

haha thats sweet. follow me on here!