Sunday, April 18, 2010

Godly Worldview

God has been breaking my heart more and more. And I am thankful for it, because it is something that I have asked for. I have been praying for God to give me a Godly worldview. I want to see the world as He sees it and love people as He loves people. I find myself looking at faces more and more, wondering what their stories are, what their struggles and pains are, what brings them joy, and above all, I wonder if they know Jesus.

When I was in China, my heart was broken many times for the people there and their blindness to truth. Its especially sad, because they are searching for that truth and searching for peace and joy but they are looking in all the wrong places. These are some photos I took to remind me of this. Because my heart needs to be broken. That is the only way I will be inspired to do something about it. What I can do for China, at this point, is pray. I pray for these people who are obviously hurting and needing Jesus but only finding a ritualistic religion that offers no hope.

The pain I could see on the many faces was heart wrenching but none compared to this woman, and as she continually banged her head while praying to the temple statues, I said a prayer for her. God is incredible and can work in an amazing way. What if she ran into believers on her way home and they introduced her to true peace? God can work miracles. This statue can not.

These are things that I have been thinking about a lot as I prepare to go love on the people of Spain, who are constantly fighting against religion. I hope to join in on that fight, and introduce them to a God who cares. I came across a song called Hosanna by Hillsong United. The bridge reflected my thoughts exactly:
Heal my heart and make it clean.
Open up my eyes to the things unseen.
Show me how to love like You have loved me.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours.
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause.
As I walk from earth into eternity.

That is my prayer and as I head off to Spain in a few weeks, I pray that God continues to break my heart and teach me to love like He loves. That is what the Christian walk is.