Friday, January 4, 2013

See The One - My New Years Resolution

 Stop for the one. Love the one. See the one.   

These sentences have been going through my head a lot in these past few months. I have felt incredibly overwhelmed by the pain and suffering in this world, especially with all that has gone on in the last few months.  Sometimes, I just want to waste my life with distractions instead of caring, because caring causes pain.  But I know that is no way to truly live.  That is no way to have purpose and meaning in life.  That is no way to glorify God.  So, once again, I am convicted to be more intentional, more loving, more caring. 

And that is something I love to do.  But oftentimes, even that gets overwhelming.  There are just so many people who need help, love, and compassion.  How can I possibly make a difference, even a dent?  

I was listening to a message the other day, and the lady was talking about a missions trip to Brasil and how the team met an orphan boy and had fallen in love with him and wanted to raise money so that he could be sent to a Christian orphanage in the area and be cared for.  A Brasilian pastor asked them, "Why are you going through all this trouble to help this one little boy?  There are so many orphans in the country of Brasil!  There is no way that you can help them all."  And he was right.  There is no way this group could help all the street children in Brasil.  But that is not what God was asking them to do.  God put one little boy in their path, and they could make a difference for him.  This little boy eventually became a Christian and now works in a children's home helping children just like he was.

What would that little boy's life been like had they not taken the opportunity to help him?  And what about all the children he is loving right now?  This really spoke to me, because I oftentimes look at the big picture and have no idea how to help.  I need to refocus my attention on the one.  I can't help everyone.  But I can look for opportunities every day to help the one person God may bring into my path.  To love that one person.  That is my New Year's resolution.  I want to actively SEE THE ONE in my every day life.  I want to make time for and love others for Jesus, one person at a time.

"If I look at the masses, I will never act.  But if I look at the one, I will." - Mother Theresa